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What We Do For Races

We list ALL of the local events for FREE. We consider ourselves the "Most Complete" Race Calendar in the Central Valley. We spotlight different events on our Facebook page and send out a newsletter with links to all of the local races. Because we partner with local clubs and stores, we find out about races that are not listed on other sites. Our goal is to build the community and get more people active at local events.


Currently our focus has been the Central Valley. We are working on expanding throughout communities in California, then nation-wide. The Activitynut Newsletter has over 3800 subscribers who have "opted-in" at local races or on our website to get information on upcoming races, and we connect with over 10,000 athletes per month through our Facebook advertising.

Discount Codes

Everyone loves a discount! This is one of the reasons that people come to our site, (and in turn hear about your event). We partner with race directors to offer discounts to our subscribers and followers. This creates an excitement which can bring in additional participants. Races that offer discount codes get special treatment in the newsletters, website and Facebook posts. You can offer a percentage or a dollar discount with a start and stop date. If possible we ask for two levels, for members and non-members.

Activitynut Discount Club Membership

We started Activitynut as a free service and we will always connect athletes with races for free. However, running the website and doing promotions costs money. We created the club as a mechanism to cover the costs of a server and Facebook promotion expense. We provide extra benefits and higher discounts to club members.

Annual memberships for athletes are $10 per year, with the first year for only $2. Typically, the savings on one to two races will cover the cost.

We also donate FREE MEMBERSHIPS to many of the groups as a sponsorship. This in turn brings more people to our site, and ultimately to your race.

Promote Your Event

If you have a swim, bike, run, or multi-sport event that we have not listed, please fill out the form below and we will add you to our calendar for free.

If you are already listed, and want to add discount codes for additional promotion, please specify your event information and discount codes and we will begin extra promotion.

Required Info to Identify the Race

New Event Information

If you are adding a new event to our calendar, please give us the following info.

If you have something specific you want to appear on our website about your event, please enter it here.

Discount Codes

For best results we ask you to provide two levels of discount codes. The majority of our readers will be "non-members". We recommend that the "non-member" code be 50%-75% of the "member" code. We prefer that the "non-member" code contain the word "activitynut" and the member code contains the word "nutclub". Discounts can be in dollars or percent.


Code Starts:       09/01/2015
Code Stops:       09/22/2015
Non-Member:    activitynut123
Amount:              $10 off
Member:             nutclub678
Amount:              $15 off

Discount Strategies

Expiration dates drive people to register sooner. You can set up a code to run for 2-4 weeks, wait a week or two, and add a new code. Or you can have it run until registration closes.

Percentages sound like a bigger savings than dollars on lower priced races.

A higher discount for club members allows us to advertise the higher amount. If you give us a $5 code and $10 code we can lead with "Save up to $10..."

This should be the smaller of the two codes, Target audience will be for people who find our site through social media advertising..

This should be the larger of the two codes for discount club members.

Additional Promotion

Partner with us!

Add our logo to your t-shirt and other promotional items and encourage participants to sign up for our newsletter, and we will spend an additional $50 in advertising for your event and focus more on your event on Facebook and newsletters.

No-Risk Promotion Boost

Pay us $1 for each participant that uses our code, We only get paid if we bring you participants. We will increase our promotion spending and focus more on your event on Facebook and newsletters.