Benefits For Clubs

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How does Activitynut help your members?

Activitynut brings you the most complete local race/event calendar for running, cycling, and triathlons. Resources for gear, training groups, and coaching. Our mission is to provide a medium for individuals to learn about activities, events and related services and products in the LOCAL area. We reach out to LOCAL trainers, coaches, mentors, and vendors to provide information; LOCAL clubs/groups for upcoming activities; and to race directors / event coordinators to provide information on upcoming events. We encourage participation and volunteerism within the active community.

Activitynut Discount Club Membership

We started Activitynut as a free service and we will always connect athletes with races for free. Club membership gives the added benefit of discounts at select local events and special offers from our partner stores. Individual membership is $10 per year.

Free memberships are available to training groups and local companies that want to join us in encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

If your organization would like to partner with us, please fill out the following information and we will send you a code which you can give your employees for a free membership.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

What we offer:

  • We will provide you with a calendar of upcoming events.
  • Discounts on many of the local races/events.
  • Articles to motivate and inspire.

Ways you can help:

  • Give your membersĀ free memberships in the Activitynut Discount Club
  • Post a copy of our free newsletter showing the upcoming events
  • Encourage your members to participate together at local events

Tell us about your organization

Typically this is an HR Manager, Business Owner or Club Officer